23 Mar 2017


In today’s high tech agriculture, soil is not preferred as a growing media because

  • The quality of soil is not consistent
  • It has a lot of soil borne diseases

Some time ago, growers switched to sphagnum peat, a fern That is broken down through a process of several years of Ageing. Sphagnum peat is found in the soils of the forests in Countries like Canada, USA, Ireland to name a few and exported to Countries all over the World. The Peat is inert, which means that It is well balanced because it has natural characteristics that help it retain nutrition and water. These Characteristics of Peat help growers maintain uniform fertilizer and watering schedules for their plants in every batch they grow.

This method has been used for the past 3 to 4 decades and now the  Growing concern is the depletion of the peat bogs and destruction of Some unique flora and fauna. Recently, many Countries have quantity  Restrictions on the exploitation of peat bogs. These Countries plan to   Introduce a complete ban on peat trade in the next few years.

This has become a serious problem for growers who have been using peat as the only growing medium. The best or superior alternative they have discovered to sphagnum peat is coco peat which is a by product of the coconut fibre industry. Coco peat is both renewable and eco friendly.

Coco Peat has recently been widely recognized as the superior growing Medium in which tomatoes, roses, ornamental plants, other vegetables and Lawn grass can be grown. The horticulture industry often calls this Substrate coco-peat or coir-peat. It is know by many other alternative names.


  • Excellent Air Porosity
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Quick Re- absorption of Water From Dry State
  • Irrigation Efficiency
  • Faster Germination Times and Quicker Seedling Rotations
  • Eco friendly alternative
  • Slower degradation
  • Free from Soil Diseases


cocopeat 650g

Hanging basket

cocopeat 650g


cocopeat 5kg

Grow bag

cocopeat Grow bag


Neem, also known as Nimba or Margosa is a powerful healing herb that can be used for diverse applications. Neem has found pride of place in the ancient texts of Ayurveda and has often been described as “sarva roga nivarini” – the wonder herb that keeps all diseases away. The roots, bark, gum, leaves, fruit, seed kernels and seed oil all find therapeutic use as internal and topical medicines. It is a well known pest control agent and has been widely used in agriculture as well. The uses of neem in cosmetic and medicinal concoctions is only too well known.

Neem cake

Neem cake

Neem oil

Neem oil